Barrier Mounted Sign System

Barrier Mounted Sign - Shop Drawing1.png


TTI Report Number - 690902 - PCL1-3

Title - "MASH Testing of Branching Transition Barrier and Barrier Mounted Sign

FHWA Letter - B-281

A restrained barrier system that supports a large electronic message board required crash testing. A large electronic message board was attached to a support structure and connected to pinned-down temporary concrete barrier. This configuration was crash tested to MASH Test Level 3. The pinned-down barrier was impacted under MASH Test 3-11 with the 2270P pickup truck. There was no interaction between the test vehicle and the sign support structure or the electronic message board. The message board stayed intact during the impact and remained attached to the mast of the structure.

Crash Tests Performed

MASH Test 3-11:

A 2270kg pickup truck impacting the CIP and LON of the barrier at a nominal speed and angle of 100km/hr and 25 degrees, respectively. This test investigates a barrier’s ability to successfully contain and redirect light trucks and sport utility vehicles.